Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tips on how to download drivers on the Internet

Tips on how to download drivers on the Internet

When done reformat or reinstall the OS, we usually require a driver to an existing peripherals recognizable by the computer. What to do if the CD / DVD is damaged or lost your driver knows where. Okay, I'll give some tips on how to download these drivers easily on the Internet. Hopefully useful

1. Click the Start menu, then right click on my computer and choose properties
2. Display showing computer system
3. Then select the Hardware tab and click device manager
4. Other Devices tab shows that there are peripherals that have not been installed on your computer
5. Right click on that and choose properties peripherals
6. Peripherals menu appears earlier and copy the Device instance id
7. Open the Web or your Internet and go to the address
8. device id and paste it into text boxes.
9 Click OK
10. Choose one of the drivers, click to download the file.
11. process completed
12. Install it on your computer

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