Sunday, October 3, 2010

Google Translate

Google Translate Client is an application language translator who utilize the services of Google Translate. By using this application then you can translate words or sentences in Indonesian language to English or vice versa from English into Indonesian.

Not only Indonesian and English only, but also can translate texts or sentences from and into over 50 languages other

This translator program has features Auto Paste is marked with "G-Icon" every time you do the blocking in the text that will facilitate its use. Once you make a text block then click on the G-Icon, it will automatically translate directly into the language you want. Google Translate Client will automatically be integrated to several Windows applications such as FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome.

At the time of this writing version of Google Translate Client is 4.7.430. In this version has added features search through text that is marked with "S-Icon". Each time you mark a text and then click on the S-Icon, it will automatically open a new browser tab search results

The drawback of this application is only to be used in an online state. But also has the advantage of translation that we get will always be better and updated. That's because these applications use the Google Translate service is always doing updates to the translation of a language