Sunday, April 26, 2009

Romeo burner 2

Romeo burner 2 price 39.99 Only burn Romeo burner 2 is a burner tools that have the look simple. When enable this tool, will only show the windows explorer with the option of the two. However, if you right-click the shortcut on the dekstop, akan seen all the ability of these tools propellant. In addition to the burner, you will find the Copy function, and erase Grab Audio. Although the ability of this tool looks simple enough, every function there are still other functions. When you open the burner, is shown three options, namely DVD, SVCD and VCD. So also with the function Grab Audio. You can specify various settings after you click on the program. Please note, this tool only works for burning only. So, do not hope you can make a DVD from various video files of various formats. You must be prepared in the form of a DVD format. For performance, this tool is quite fast in the burning, for both video and audio. Tools with a view only has this simple little feature and the ability to burn it.

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