Sunday, June 28, 2009

Crossword puzzles

Eclipsecrossword 1.2.54 freeware Crossword puzzles In Indonesia, the game is more often known by the name of crossword puzzles. If you want to make this game easily, Eclipsecrossword offer tools to the crossword puzzle using the PC. Although free to install this program you must have a connection to the Internet. Although the size of the installer file that is required is very small, the file can only be installed in the online through the official website. When you first off, your page views will be given a tutorial to guide you in operating the tools this. After you close the page, the wizard to create a crossword puzzle will be present in front of you. You only specify questions and answers. questions and answers after you enter, tools will try and calculate the order of the various possibilities to create crossword puzzles. If completed, you can directly print or publish games crossword puzzles you made to the internet with the help of java. This interactive tools that can train the brain. you can design your own questions to the appropriate power train remember your child or friend.

Removing tool with the Professional

Eraser 5.86 freeware Removing the Professional Eraser is an eraser tools files, folders or contents of the hard disk permanently. With this tool, deleted data can not recover in the back by any party. To process the deletion, you simply select a new task and specify the object to be removed. whether a file, folder or disk. After that you live a RUN function to delete objects that you specify. When working, these tools support the deletion of six methods, namely methods gutmann, two methods of the US-DOD, Pseudorandom Data, Only first and schneier. To delete it permanently, use the recommended method gutmann, This method is believed to be able to delete the data in the process 35 times. By doing so, possibly recover the data that has been removed with this method is very small. Tools also provide this function through the scheduled elimination scheduler. With this function, you can set the data file that will later be deleted automatically. Although the view from the side does not have the interest, which only focus on the function to delete data to make these tools can work optimally.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Magic music studio PRO

Magic music studio offers six functions, audio recorder, audio converter, audio editor, audio CD burner, mp3 CD burner, and audio grabber. For audio recorder, you can take to record a different voice. requirements, of course, you need a PC connected to the microphone, record the results can be made in the format MP3, WAV or WMV. Converter to function, this tool is quite good in a format change audio format into another. 12 tools to support this audio format. you simply specify the quality of each format setting. Although each function has a feature that is not the maximum, almost all functions can work well. For instance only the burner, the maximum capacity for the file that you want to be burned can not be known with certainty. So, you have to estimate their own audio files if you want to burn in does not already exceed the capacity of CD-R that you have. Although not the maximum, is feature complete enough for the needs of audio. Unfortunately, this tool does not support DVD. Magic music studio PRO 34.95

Oxygen OFFICE With many free features

This program is not another version of 2.3 is a program that offers six tools, namely Draw, Math, writer, base, calc, and impress. One of the interesting option of this program is the facility of making a file in PDF format that can be found in each of the tools Unique facility available that is capable of explaining the term in the document through wikipedia enough with one click. for the writer, the function does not use much different with Microsoft word. The term is also used together, so it is very easy to use for those of you who want to try this program. The same is also found in the calc how the operation is the same as the Microsoft Excel or impress with the Microsoft office power point. So there is no hard from this program. Alternative program to the needs of the office. This program has a charm, especially at the price of a free and feature the same program made in Microsoft office. Oxygen OFFICE freeware

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Simply just one password Remember

If your brain is burdened with some of the password you must remember, with a little help software software password memory, you only need to remember only one password, which is the password to open a database program. Password Memory 2008 is a program where the database password with the level of security and confidentiality that is guaranteed. In addition enggine supported by the database server that the client is very strong. Password memory is also using three different strength encryption algorithm 256 and 128 bits. Besides the computer, this program can also be installed and run through a USB memory stick so you can bring all of the database password is just to go with the safe. Equipped with the interface that is easy to understand as well as the icon is quite informative, you can search and order data with the simple password. Free download Password Memory 1.0.1 - price 19.95