Thursday, September 10, 2009

Burn CD with AShampoo burning

AShampoo burning 39.99 Program burner can be completely In addition to film and be able to burn music to disc in the CD, VCD, DVD. or bluray, Ashampoo Burning Studio 7:21 also capable backup important data in the DVD into your PC, either in the form of a file or image file. On the main page, this program offers a choice of eight important, among others, need back up and burn all the files into CD, DVD or bluray. Ranging from film, data, up to a music file can be burned easily. Copies are available for the film option "Burn Movies" that supports the option to burn in several formats. You can burn to CD format, DVD or bluray. The same can be found in the option to back up or copy music. In option "Burn or Rip Music", you can also choose music format MP3, WMA or CD audio. Good, in all of the existing option, you will also be led to the process is complete.

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