Monday, August 31, 2009

Create Maximum Speed for your PC

ASHAMPOO POWERUP 3 $ 49.99 Many Options settings PC performance has begun to feel slow? It is time you check the settings or the order of files and applications in the system. This is a configuration that is less appropriate for some applications a burden to the PC. Ashampoo Powerup 3 offers functions to maximize the performance of your PC. By looking at the use of information or memory of the processor load in real time on the main display. You can measure how far you need to make the increase of the PC. There are five options you can select to improve the performance of the PC, namely Optimize, clean up, manage, customize, and Information. In Optimize, you can enable or disable some settings to improve the performance of your PC. The process of this program is quite fast and does not provide the "OK" button or apply in this software. Although the look interesting, the setting can make the choice difficult for users to understand of this. Will be better if the package is provided settings for some specific needs.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Easy AudioLabel CD

AudioLabel CD 29.95$ It's easy and a lot of background. if you often copy music or video files into DVD disc? if you do not provide a label in your DVD collection, DVD collection of these can make you remember the confusion in their respective contents in the CD. Thus, a label to remember the contents of the DVD as well as enhance the look of the DVD you create. AudioLabel CD / DVD Labeler 4.2 are tools that can be a problem over the solution. In addition to create a label for the DVD disc, you can also create a label untk jewel case in a variety of design. Special design for the label, this tool is to provide a variety of interesting images in the background. including the collection of images owned by you, because the following drag and drop system, this tool is very easy to use. After selecting a background image, you simply adjust the size of the four corners of the point. specifically for the Audio CDs, this tool can be read automatically track the songs that are in the audio Cd. Tools of the label that is easy to use, if the function of providing transparency, label design will appear interesting.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Aurora web editor professional 3.3

Aurora web editor professional 3.3 54.95 Create an alternative web Before the program manager operates this website, you must read the help first. If not, you (especially beginners) will be made confused with the menus and functions available. However, if you already use the technique, you can design a website with different style. In addition to the template web, aurora web editor also provides a lot of pictures, buttons, until ready to use interesting objects that can be directly selected for your personal website. Personal website that you created you can also see in real time. To facilitate users, this program provides the "quick start" is useful to edit or read the help function without access to the menubar. spreadsheet consists of two modes, namely "code editing" sequence with the programming language and the "Visual editing" that describes the web view at that time without having to know code language program. Although these tools are complete and have mode "visual Editing" you still should read the HELP menu, so you are easier to operate.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

AVG free Anti Virus

AVG Antivirus Professional 7.5.503 $ 38.95 Antivirus light This Tools free download antivirus is still easy to run by all PC users. Ability in the drive out the virus, trojan, worm is good to malmware. presence in windows XP also does not take such resources so that it does not burden the system. Still like previous versions, which feature in the not increased. Only improvement and perfection in the this version. Not only from viruses that enter the Internet, viruses that enter via email can also be detected by these tools. Terms, you must be diligent to update this tool. Use the automatic update that is not making in the future. Tools are also able to scan the computer scheduled. You just decide how many days and hours of computer will scan. found that the virus can be successfully included in the quarantine. Antivirus is not burdensome system windows XP. The lack of antivirus is updated at the time I wait too long, but how this can work well.