Thursday, June 25, 2009

Magic music studio PRO

Magic music studio offers six functions, audio recorder, audio converter, audio editor, audio CD burner, mp3 CD burner, and audio grabber. For audio recorder, you can take to record a different voice. requirements, of course, you need a PC connected to the microphone, record the results can be made in the format MP3, WAV or WMV. Converter to function, this tool is quite good in a format change audio format into another. 12 tools to support this audio format. you simply specify the quality of each format setting. Although each function has a feature that is not the maximum, almost all functions can work well. For instance only the burner, the maximum capacity for the file that you want to be burned can not be known with certainty. So, you have to estimate their own audio files if you want to burn in does not already exceed the capacity of CD-R that you have. Although not the maximum, is feature complete enough for the needs of audio. Unfortunately, this tool does not support DVD. Magic music studio PRO 34.95

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