Monday, December 20, 2010

Spam outbreak of Yahoo Email Account (. and. com)

A few days (weeks) this my email account in gmail and yahoo get a lot of spam. If the email address that does not clear this may be familiar, and already in the spam folder automatically. But this time spam emails sent from friends who are known and after checking was all coming from Yahoo accounts, both, or Spam is without a title (no subject), and contains links from the domain, and last
Initially I simply delete and mark (mark) as spam, regardless of who the email is sent, it is also because the content of emails is not clear (just a link anyway). But in the long run after I check the origin of this email, apparently from friends email account is valid (not the usual emails to send spam).

Initially links contained in email spam is a random link with the domain, then start and last still flooded with spam emails domain. Links in this email using the username owner of the email, for example:
If the link is clicked, it will open another website, which may include offering certain products such as Viagra or will run malicious programs such as malware and so on. So if you get an email containing these links directly on the just delete.

Until now I tried to find information on google, but have not received clear information about the causes and ways to overcome this. Just get a suggestion for Yahoo email account owner, whether, or to be careful and do things like:
Check emails sent, is there a strange email that was sent without the knowledge of our
Check back to our email passwords, passwords should be replaced with a safer, please read Tips for Creating Strong Passwords
Besides passwords, change also Secret Question and answer
Scan your computer with anti-malware software, like Malwarebytes or Spybot Search and Destroy
If detected any email sent without the knowledge of us and it spam, you should send an apology email to the email.
If you need to replace the account with new email accounts.
Do not let the email addresses scattered in public or on websites that reputation is not good.
If there are friends who find more detailed information relating to spam email, please contribute by writing in the comments.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Google Translate

Google Translate Client is an application language translator who utilize the services of Google Translate. By using this application then you can translate words or sentences in Indonesian language to English or vice versa from English into Indonesian.

Not only Indonesian and English only, but also can translate texts or sentences from and into over 50 languages other

This translator program has features Auto Paste is marked with "G-Icon" every time you do the blocking in the text that will facilitate its use. Once you make a text block then click on the G-Icon, it will automatically translate directly into the language you want. Google Translate Client will automatically be integrated to several Windows applications such as FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome.

At the time of this writing version of Google Translate Client is 4.7.430. In this version has added features search through text that is marked with "S-Icon". Each time you mark a text and then click on the S-Icon, it will automatically open a new browser tab search results

The drawback of this application is only to be used in an online state. But also has the advantage of translation that we get will always be better and updated. That's because these applications use the Google Translate service is always doing updates to the translation of a language

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tips on how to download drivers on the Internet

Tips on how to download drivers on the Internet

When done reformat or reinstall the OS, we usually require a driver to an existing peripherals recognizable by the computer. What to do if the CD / DVD is damaged or lost your driver knows where. Okay, I'll give some tips on how to download these drivers easily on the Internet. Hopefully useful

1. Click the Start menu, then right click on my computer and choose properties
2. Display showing computer system
3. Then select the Hardware tab and click device manager
4. Other Devices tab shows that there are peripherals that have not been installed on your computer
5. Right click on that and choose properties peripherals
6. Peripherals menu appears earlier and copy the Device instance id
7. Open the Web or your Internet and go to the address
8. device id and paste it into text boxes.
9 Click OK
10. Choose one of the drivers, click to download the file.
11. process completed
12. Install it on your computer

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Aimersoft Video Cutter

Aimersoft Video Cutter

like the title above, this software can cut the part of certain videos, not just once, but we can choose which parts we want to and then stored. This program used to paying, and now free. Suitable for you who love and work in video editing.

Use of this software is easy, just choose the beginning and end of the video will be chosen to be saved. We can cut some parts of the video very quickly. Result output also has a very good quality. Supported video formats a lot, including: AVI, MP4, MOV, MPG, WMV, ASF, M4V, MKV, DV, VOB.

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