Monday, April 27, 2009

Power mp3 WMA Converter 4

More than just a conversion Overview, see if the file name, you may be thinking that power MP3 WMA converter is a software to convert MP3 and WMA files ordinary. However, after a more in, you will find many interesting additional feature, more than usual conversion program. With this software, you can convert autoformat WAV, WMA, MP3, Ogg, APE, M2A, MP2 with a bitrate that can be arranged. Conversion speed is fast enough also be calculated. Another feature that can find the integrated audio player, ripping, audio CD, tools for editing MP3 tags, auto-renaming with tag, and the tools to direct the process burn audio CDs from various audio file formats are supported. Software in the direct import of this website have the power settings on the audio quality of each format is quite comprehensive and can be tailored to the needs of each user. price $29.95

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Romeo burner 2

Romeo burner 2 price 39.99 Only burn Romeo burner 2 is a burner tools that have the look simple. When enable this tool, will only show the windows explorer with the option of the two. However, if you right-click the shortcut on the dekstop, akan seen all the ability of these tools propellant. In addition to the burner, you will find the Copy function, and erase Grab Audio. Although the ability of this tool looks simple enough, every function there are still other functions. When you open the burner, is shown three options, namely DVD, SVCD and VCD. So also with the function Grab Audio. You can specify various settings after you click on the program. Please note, this tool only works for burning only. So, do not hope you can make a DVD from various video files of various formats. You must be prepared in the form of a DVD format. For performance, this tool is quite fast in the burning, for both video and audio. Tools with a view only has this simple little feature and the ability to burn it.

Snaptouch 2:40 build 17

Snaptouch 2:40 build 17 price $ 24.95 Digital Photo Album Creator. Through this tool, you can set some of the images stored in the memory card that can be collected in an album. Snaptouch 2:40 build 17 does not have the image editing function. editing feature that is limited only to the addition of light, the contras, the red-eye repair, rotation, flip or to add comments. However, every editing function, the tool does not directly display the results in real time. for that, you must press the button apply first. Tools are very easy to use, for that does not understand the steps of making an album, online tutorials available that teach how to use each function, complete with animation. Therefore, it is your PC connected to the internet. Finished making the album, the file will be saved in the format of special tools and the results can be viewed by opening the file you saved earlier. You can use the ZOOM-in, zoom out or zoom-fit an image to see a collection with more clearly. Creator album photo album is good and easy. unfortunately when editing process, this tool can not display photos online.

Tarma ExpertInstall 3.6.2867

Tarma ExpertInstall 3.6.2867 price 249.00 Installer and unistaller Tarma Expertinstall tools that are useful to create a file for the installer program. many stages during the installer files with this tool so useful information is in the installer file and can be more clearly understood by all computer users. In addition to the installer program, this program is also able to create uninstaller files. Create a file in the uninstaller, you can even uninstall registry-key from your program, image or icon that participate in the process of the installer. Use of this tool is a little confusing for users, especially beginners. However, if you are diligent reading help files, the function is in will be more easily understood. Results from this program is good and no errors when run. This program provides full feature in making the installer and uninstaller file. However, the price of expensive to make computer users think twice to buy this program. This time have found many applications with a similar price with the same ability.