Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dwg conversion to PDF without need AutoCAD

ANY dwg to PDF converter Dwg conversion to PDF without the need to AutoCAD For those who frequently work with AutoCAD software, file format dwg or DXF certainly is not foreign for AutoCAD. For various purposes, usually a file dwg / DXF need converted to PDF format that can be opened anywhere. If during this process of file conversion dwg / DXF to PDF can only be done with AutoCAD, there is now a much more rapid and practical. ANY dwg to PDF Converter has a feature that is capable of batch processing multiple files conversion dwg / DXF simultaneously in the same time. how to use is easy, you only need to select the file / folder that will be converted, set in the options, and directly executed. You can also make some adjustments and settings, among others, the paper size, color of writing and the background, the quality of PDF and others. Interesting that this software can support various types of dwg file version / DXF, as R2.5/2.6, R9, R10, R12, R13, R14, R2000/R2002, R2004/R2005/R2006, 2007, ALSO R2008. PRICE 83.00

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  1. ada informasi baru melalui artikel tersebut yang bener2 dari sisi istilahnya saja masih baru buat saya he he. Trims sekali. Salam :)


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