Friday, August 21, 2009

Easy AudioLabel CD

AudioLabel CD 29.95$ It's easy and a lot of background. if you often copy music or video files into DVD disc? if you do not provide a label in your DVD collection, DVD collection of these can make you remember the confusion in their respective contents in the CD. Thus, a label to remember the contents of the DVD as well as enhance the look of the DVD you create. AudioLabel CD / DVD Labeler 4.2 are tools that can be a problem over the solution. In addition to create a label for the DVD disc, you can also create a label untk jewel case in a variety of design. Special design for the label, this tool is to provide a variety of interesting images in the background. including the collection of images owned by you, because the following drag and drop system, this tool is very easy to use. After selecting a background image, you simply adjust the size of the four corners of the point. specifically for the Audio CDs, this tool can be read automatically track the songs that are in the audio Cd. Tools of the label that is easy to use, if the function of providing transparency, label design will appear interesting.

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